Sunday, November 2, 2008

At a lake close to our house on the last day before it closed for the season

Izzy loves to dress up

Zoie loves the Jumparoo, just like Izzy did

Walking to the park

Mike and I went to a Halloween party with some friends from his work

Hanging out at our new favorite place, the "Tot Spot Cafe".
(More info to come :) )

Playing in the leaves at the park


Stacie Aho said...

Those are some great pictures! I can't believe how big and sweet Zoie is getting! Izzy and Mike are both getting long hair... they're both so lucky to have curls!

I love the cowboy outfits. Merritt and I should've done that to match MJ's. So cute.

We love and miss you!

Mary Karlee said...

Loved the pics! Marielle calls Izzie "Ee-uhh". Thanks for posting!

Katie's Krazy Klan said...

I love all the picture. Thanks for posting them! I can't believe how big Zoie is. I can't wait to see you all at the end of this month. loove ya

Sarah said...

Zoie is so beautiful! I can't believe how different she looks from the previous pictures. Izzy is such a doll too. We miss you guys!

Hilary said...

We miss you!! Get better soon so we can have a playdate!!

Lizzie said...

Great pictures! I love that Izzy wears her sun glasses upside down. I miss you guys like crazy and can't wait to see you in a few weeks! You're looking hot by the way. Did you color your hair? It looks great.

wnield said...

Wow Krissy, you make a beautiful cowgirl! It looks like you're having fun up there in Washington. Hopefully we'll see you in Phoenix at Thanksgiving.

Kate said...

Mikey- you need to update your blog-- inquiring minds want to know. . .

your cousin,